Jill Leman PRWS RBA

Royal Watercolour Society

The RWS has two exhibitions of members' work each year in Spring and Autumn.

We also have work in 'Off the Wall' in the Summer and 'The Mini Picture Show' at Christmas

Bankside Gallery is near Tate Modern and is the home of the Royal Watercolour Society which was founded in 1804. Our Patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. We are limited to 75 full members - so this is a very prestigious group of artists using all forms of water based media - watercolour,gouache,acrylic,inks etc to create all sorts & styles of paintings. Do come and visit us soon! Look at the RWS website for all our news and follow us on Instagram @royalwatercoloursociety

These paintings will be in 'Off the Wall' which starts in August

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